5 Reasons Why the Women’s March was Ineffective

  1. The female marchers were very confused as to why they were in attendance. Thus confusing their daughters, relatives and the nation at large. 

    How is this effective? What is the core message in this vulgar display?

A sign is held for equal rights: we already have them.

A sign is held and a woman yells that she wants the freedom to vote. You already have the freedom to vote and your vote for Hillary was indeed counted.

A sign is held by a woman demanding Catholics take their rosaries off her ovaries. It already is. The Obama administration has taken religion and God out of America more than ever before in history. No rosary on your ovaries, ma’am.

A sign screams for protecting the right to abort: if funding is pulled from Planned Parenthood, rest assured there are far more clinics than PP that are happy to provide you with a free abortion.

A sign reads: A woman’s place is in the White House. And she will be someday. We gave Hillary the chance to be her.

Signs everywhere protest the crude remarks made by Donald Trump…we’ll get to that.

Another female marcher wants free tampons: really?

As evident by the profane posters and mixed messages at the podium (see #3), it was immediately evident that the march was not about equal rights.

Even during Bush 43’s presidency, abortions went on, free healthcare (including contraception and abortions) was available to many women, and his presidency supported women being paid equal to their male counterparts. For the last eight years, President Obama went above and beyond in providing additional help, including a good amount of healthcare. Youth in high schools across America are regularly offered contraception. Yet, those who really needed healthcare reform (employed at lower wages) were left poorer than before. I know college graduates putting half their paychecks into the Obamacare that they are legally required to purchase – I’m sure you know a few too.

President Obama made equal rights so equal that a female body who mentally identifies as male, is encouraged by Obama’s directive to enter the male restroom at their local high school. What more equal rights can America possibly provide to the female marchers?

Despite the misplaced fear among the marchers that their equal rights will somehow be dissolved in the next four years, equal rights will not go away just because Trump made inflammatory comments.

  1. The Women’s March was really an anti-Trump-policies-or-what-we’re-guessing-will-be-Trump’s-policies rally.

Only two things were apparently heard by the female marchers during 17 long months of campaigning by Trump. The female marchers heard Trump say disgusting, derogatory comments about and to women. Second, they heard he was reforming the Affordable Care Act. In 17 months did they hear nothing else?

Again important to note, long before Obamacare (i.e. during Republican administrations), women without insurance had options for free abortions and contraception. They could also bring their children into most local hospitals and receive service. My friend worked at one of the finest hospitals in the Northeast for 20 years. She was a Democrat and could not understand how women strolled into the hospital for 20 years receiving free healthcare that she had to pay for. Free amoxicillin for their cough, free vaccinations, free visits and they were taken care of the same day. Is that the best way to get your healthcare? Of course not and I do agree we needed reform. Do all people have the right to get their own doctor? Yes. We thought President Obama was doing that for us. But people I know who are on Obamacare will tell you directly that it’s costing them too much money in comparison to their salary.

Second, Trump has said some brutal things about women and to women. Carly Fiorina is a strong, stunningly successful woman who still walked into Trump Tower to meet with Trump, despite his vicious and unnecessary comments about her. She is an Amazing American Woman story. I don’t think less of her because she met with Trump after he won. She was willing to listen to what President Trump had to say.

The female marchers SCREAMED that they were not backing down (from what exactly we still don’t know). They screamed that they were TOUGH and STRONG. But not tough enough to handle the vulgarity of a man with a filthy mouth.

  1. The Women’s March rhetoric was utterly, unequivocally, explicitly divisive. 

Isn’t this the opposite of “Stronger Together”?

Let’s begin this revolting point with repellant title of The Pussyhat Project.  If a young man walked into your home to date your daughter and started using the p-word, f-word or c-word (that were all prevalent for viewing on Saturday), something tells me you would be disgusted.

The disrespect and vulgarity from the female marchers was visually and verbally assaulting.

Moms were proud to be in this vulgar environment with their precious daughters by their side. 

There were several far more revolting than this one that I intended to post here. I just couldn't bear to view them or chance a child viewing them...

There were several FAR MORE revolting than this one….

“I’ve thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House.” Really Madonna? And the CROWD CHEERED and REPEATED HER “F**K YOU” by the thousands.  trump4

Impressionable daughters watched their guardians CHEER for a woman F-bombing multiple times, promoting violence and death in one breath and the “revolution of love” in the other. Thus the confusion explained in #1.

Let’s pretend Hillary won. Let’s say another – male – 1980s icon was at that podium on Saturday instead of Madonna. What if Rick Springfield said he thought about blowing up the White House because Hillary won? He would have been arrested and The New York Times would have convicted him on their front page within hours.

  1.  The “March Against Trump” became worldwide, bringing attention to issues that are far more serious, minimizing this.   

Where are the global female marchers as Assad has been KILLING A HALF MILLION WOMEN AND CHILDREN?

A global protest is formed against a big mouth billionaire but Assad is tolerated?

5. The “Women’s March” was not for all women. It was closed to any pro-life woman even if they were anti-Trump.

The feminist group, New Wave Feminists was initially accepted by the powers that be but then denied the right to march in the W o m e n ’ s March. Really?

There was a strict policy that the marchers must be “pro-choice”. Despite the ridiculous use of the term “pro-choice”, everyone (those for and against abortion) has a choice.

Why aren’t there marches against charities such as Susan G. Komen who are giving portions of our donations to other interests aside from what we THINK we are contributing to?  When my beloved friend mentioned in #2 died six months ago from an unrelenting breast cancer, I thought my donations to SGK would support breast cancer work 100%. I was foolishly unaware that part of my hard-earned money was being given to Planned Parenthood.

While some SGK grants received by medical facilities use the money for breast screening, some do not. In 2013, Planned Parenthood received over $808,000 from SGK to be used exclusively for breast-related work. In that year, zero mammograms were performed. Zero. Charities that don’t reveal their true disbursements of our money should be protested.

In conclusion…

When President Obama was elected in 2008, I was a disappointed Republican but I could understand that many of my fellow Americans were against the war in Afghanistan, including my own liberal parents. Between 2008-2012, I studied health care reform options. I read about policies, I didn’t simply choose a news channel and believe their word as God’s. I viewed the president’s speeches, gave attention to the WH Press Secretary, stood shocked by Eric Holder and Rahm Emanuel’s behavior and read about what the President was pushing for during his term. By the time President Obama was reelected in 2012, I was far more informed and educated, and more disappointed than in 2008.

It would have never occurred to me to publicly disrespect my president with vulgarity and I certainly didn’t have the time nor desire to make filthy signs protesting Mr. Obama’s questionable policies. I wouldn’t have called him a “fake 44”. Mr. Obama was my president, even though I disagreed with nearly all of his foundational, core beliefs.

I appreciate and support all the posters that promoted “kindness”. I enjoyed seeing the fellowship among women, which we are usually lacking due to our really busy lives. There was good. But the overwhelming majority of the protestors were women who have not recovered from their election shock and are camping in misplaced fury that Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States. When McCain and Romney lost, I didn’t think your vote for Obama and Biden was less important, less valid, or should be utterly ignored compared to my votes for McCain and Romney.

Like the marchers, I’m pro-woman, pro-equal-rights for women.

Unlike the marchers, I believe equal rights for women includes the women who are in utero.

Like the marchers, I’m against Trump’s vulgar, hurtful language.

Unlike the marchers, I’m not perfect and have certainly said regrettable words about men. Has not one female marcher ever said a filthy, derogatory statement about their ex-husband?

I have judgmental tendencies like any American woman in this culture we live in. But one scripture that scares me into curbing those tendencies is when the woman is about to be stoned for her sexual sin until Jesus asks, “the person who is sinless should be the first to throw a stone” (John 8:7 GWT). Ugh. I have sinned miserably. We have to give people – including President Trump – a chance to prove he’s better than his previous behavior toward women, just like Jesus gives us another chance.

If you are a U.S. citizen, Donald J. Trump is your president. Give him a chance to prove your assumptions wrong. If he doesn’t, then you have a reason to protest.


25 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why the Women’s March was Ineffective

  1. Kim Gorman says:

    I agree that there are serious flaws with the Affordable Care Act. Many of my low-income college students who were receiving free state funded healthcare are now forced to select a government plan that they have to pay a lot of money for and they can’t afford it when they turn 19. At the same time, the women and children you refer to who are getting free healthcare and prescriptions in the hospital, well, we can’t have it both ways, can we – pro-life means there will indeed be children born to broke, single mothers (where are the fathers, I’d like to know) and hence we need to provide them with healthcare when they are ill. I would rather my tax dollars went for this than to build a stupid wall that will hardly keep out those who want to gain entry. As for the march, I attended a local march. I agree there were vulgar signs and I was glad my young son wasn’t there to see them. At the same time, Trump brought the “P” word into our lives with his disgusting talk about women. If people found it offensive at the marches, they should, just as they should find it offensive coming form the President of the United States. Madonna was stupid to swear and threaten to blow up the White House, but what can one expect from her? Some of the women may have been misguided, but I am offended that you would stereotype an entire group. I know exactly why I was there. I was there because as a women, I was highly offended by our president’s remarks about women and I wanted him to know that I won’t meekly sit back and be addressed like I’m nothing but a piece of meat and a sex object for men of power to use at will. Women do not have equal rights in this world. Period. Look around the world – they don’t. Just because you have a happy life with a wonderful hubby doesn’t mean that all women are so fortunate. I think many women who are doing well in life and have great husbands and pretty homes and freedom take it for granted and can’t see past their own privilege. I also found some of his policies and promises alarming. At the same time, I am not sorry that disgusting Bill Clinton isn’t our first “First Man”. Frankly, I thought all the candidates stunk and I’m sickened that this is the best America can put forth. Anyway, lots of rambling here. I respect your opinion, and some I agree with, but there’s some I don’t agree with. Thankfully, we still live in a country where we are allowed an opinion.


  2. aviets says:

    Wow, there is so much you don’t understand – and much of it is willful misunderstanding. I could easily argue that every single point you made comes from a privileged, white, ultra-conservative understanding, but I won’t bother because you are obviously not “woke” to what the real world is like or what oppressed groups actually experience. What I will say is that the march and rally I attended was very much a family event, a paragon of mutual understanding and support. No profanity, no focusing on body parts. Men and women and boys and girls of all races, religions, ages, who recognize we have to work together against power, privilege, and greed that leads to the oppression we live in daily. I am sad for you that the only perspective you can see is your own.


    • Family to the 5 Power! says:

      Wow right back at you. White? Privilege? I don’t live in the REAL WORLD? My points come from a privileged understanding? Why do you believe hardships in life are exclusive to only certain people? You know absolutely nothing about my journey. You have zero knowledge of the racial and sexual diversity among my relatives.

      I don’t understand how you turn Christian values into an economic discussion. If someone is a conservative Christian, then they must be privileged? If someone is a conservative Christian, then they must oppress others?

      You blame the skin God Himself gave you-which is the same as mine-privilege, greed and power for oppression? What normal person isn’t against oppression? If any of your rant spoke truth, the last eight years would have blossomed our country into your version of what it should be.

      I assure you, Christians come from all races and economic backgrounds and serve faithfully, regardless of who is in the White House. And in past years when our candidates lost, we rolled up our sleeves, we took personal responsibility, and we moved forward.


  3. mommermom says:

    I was so glad to read your post today. I have been feeling like a freak-hiding many of my feelings among many of the women I know. I actually was confused about what this match was really about until I sat down last night and researched many websites, opinions, and try to view this with an open mind. I still came away with many of the ceilings you have expressed in this post. I just don’t get all of this. It seemed to me the number one topic was pro-life or pro-choice and that if you were a pro-life person you couldn’t be a feminist at all. Thank you for having the courage to write this.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Family to the 5 Power! says:

      I think it’s wonderful that you made the effort and devoted time in an attempt to understand their purpose.
      What you mention is exactly how the New Wave Feminists describe their encounter with the organizers of the march. That even though they are self-described feminists, even they could not receive admittance into the Women’s March.
      Thank you for the thoughtful comments.

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  4. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Thank you. Love your closing lines. We all need to give our President a chance. I shall continue to walk in Love and I refuse to be involved in mass hysteria. Bless you for the courage to write this post!! ❤

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  5. Mama's Empty Nest says:

    Amen. You have written the words that many of us are thinking and saying. Thanks for putting it out there so succinctly. I’m tired of being called judgmental just because I don’t agree with sinful actions and perversion. We believers answer to a higher authority, the almighty God, and if we don’t stand on and for His Word, we stand (and march) for nothing. You can bet that the March for Life will get little to no media coverage.

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    • Family to the 5 Power! says:

      Wow, yes you are probably (sadly) right about the March for Life. The mainstream media is a whole other unfortunate topic in our current culture.
      I appreciate your feedback and for sharing your thoughts about this with me.


    • aviets says:

      Just a word from another perspective. I am a follower of Christ, a long-time lay employee of a church, and I couldn’t disagree with you more. What actions do you consider perversion and sinful? Living life the way God made you to live it? My theology states that if you take away from scripture anything other than love, mercy, and grace, you’re reading it from the perspective of the world, not from the perspective of Christ. My ELCA Lutheran church is intentionally welcoming and affirming to all in the LGBTQ community. And the pro-choice movement can be thoroughly defended as being absolutely as faithful to Christ as the “pro-life movement.” In short, I disagree with what you stand for based on your words above, but I respect your right to your own beliefs and your own expression of faith – and I would hope you would give the same respect to those who disagree with you.


      • Family to the 5 Power! says:

        In response to your comment to Mama’s Empty Nest:
        Let’s be clear that conservatives respect healthcare and personal decisions when families are tragically confronted with having to choose Mama over baby…let’s keep the abortion argument what it actually is.

        Making the statement that the abortion movement is “absolutely as faithful to Christ” as the pro-life movement leaves me stunned. Do we read the same Bible?

        Thank you for your comments today and I encourage readers to visit MomGoesOn.Wordpress.com for more on her views.


  6. west517 says:

    I love this– As a woman the display I saw in my city and the trash and destruction left behind for city employees to clean was horrible. That message was not sent to President Trump but to the men and women who had to clean up the trash and repair damage. Aside from the fact that I found Madonna and Ashley Judd —embarrassing.

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