Stargazer Lilies

I was wandering around for hours oblivious to the fact that my nose and chin were covered in an orange-yellow hue from sticking my face in these flowers! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fragrance of stargazer lilies. My daughter narrowed her eyes at me and asked, “when did you get all bruised on your face?” 🙂 


34 thoughts on “Stargazer Lilies

  1. Moore to ponder says:

    That happened to me once, too. I had been at a garden center and was melling them when my daughter was little. We left and went somewhere else, Then she or somebody asked me what was all over my face. lol



  2. Zestwriter says:

    Flowers lovely with their fragrance as you pass, you can’t help but stop and breath in the smell and admire the beauty of God’s art work. God Bless and thanks.


  3. atimetoshare says:

    These are some of my faves. They are so intricate in design and an explosion of color. God has so many masterpieces.


  4. blmaluso says:

    LOVE stargazer lilies! But…I’m sad because I am allergic to them and cannot have them in my house. So, I enjoy them outdoors in their natural habitat:-)

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos!


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